How to know a community of researchers to be more successful in research and getting papers accepted?

2018-03-20 09:51:10

Recently, I saw a video tutorial on writing research papers in the University of Chicago writing program. In his video, professor Larry McEnerney presents a model of knowledge in which knowledge is what lies between heads of people in a community. So in order to be successful in research and accepting papers, we must know the community as well as the knowledge between the heads.

This insight was very helpful to me. Previously, I wrote a paper that is hard to find an appropriate journal for it. Every journal I read, I found that it is very unlikely to accept this paper of mine for various reasons.

In his video, professor McEnerney talks about community and people in power in that community. He suggests that a successful researcher is the one that speaks to the right community and the measure of her success is the amount of change by her in the space between heads. So we must know the community, its structure, people in power in the community as well as knowledge that i

  • 1) Communities usually revolve around research topics, rather than journals. There are smaller and broader communities. The smallest ones are about a very specialized topic that only three research groups in the world are knowledgable about. The broadest ones are about an entire overarching research field. Of course, there also are overlaps between communities.

    2+3) In my field, the only correct answer would be: Go to meetings and conferences. This is the place where people go to exchange ideas, in talks and informal conversations.

    4) This is a very broad question. There can be all kinds of relations between communities, personal ones (overlaps) and emotional ones (respect, envy, disregard).

    2018-03-20 11:58:29