choosing between v belt and round belt for fast RPM, low torque application

2018-03-21 09:43:14

My pulleys are going to be rotated with a 1000-2000 RPM motor, with a constant RPM controlled by a hall effect sensor, there is going to be almost no torque as one of the pulleys just has a 100 gram optical element attached to it and all the pulleys are on bearings.

Any suggestions on choosing v belt or circular belt? Price is pretty similar and v seems to reduce risk of slipping and has better grip. Cant find a disadvantage of v belts.

I just assume slippage might become in issue with round belts at these RPMs if there isn't enough grip, no other reason to not choose them over v belts, really.

I'd imagine tooted belts wouldn't provide much advantage here besides any backlash or slippage when the system begins rotating but I don't see how it would be more precise after the speed is reached and the speed and load remain constant during operation.