DVMega / DVDongle with a TNC connection to radio

2018-10-15 01:10:36

(Note when I say "DMR" below, I'm using it as a shorthand to mean any of the digital voice tech stacks like D-Star, Fusion, etc)

What I want to do is add DMR capability to an existing dual band mobile or HT. Similar to adding APRS functionality using APRSDroid and a bluetooth TNC. Reading here, I understand this can't be done purely in software yet.

I'm looking for something that I think is a bit like the DMR hotspot devices out there like the JumboSpot or DVMega. As I understand it, those devices let an existing DMR radio get onto a network when an repeater isn't available. Their "upstream" to the DMR network is over the Internet, their local connection to the DMR radio is UHF or VHF.

Imagine a DVMega-type device that is capable of encoding/decoding AMBE packets and generally running the DMR protocol. This is using a TNC to talk to the radio and is also talking over bluetooth serial to an Android phone. The phone would have a UI for picking talk groups and other DMR-