Is there any way in which elevation *does* affect medium frequency (AM radio) transmissions?

2018-10-14 00:03:08

This is a followup to this question of mine. From reading the wiki article, I get that:

Radio waves at MF wavelengths propagate via ground waves and reflection from the ionosphere ( called skywaves). Ground waves follow the contour of the Earth. At these wavelengths they can bend (diffract) over hills, and travel beyond the visual horizon, although they may be blocked by mountain ranges.

Apart from not locating the source of transmissions right by a mountain range, is there any way in which elevation does come into consideration when placing a transmitter, radio tower, etc.?

I realize this is somewhat of a vague question, but since my dataset doesn't have good data on conditions in the ionosphere, I'm left trying to consider other factors in my (extremely) rough estimates, as in my other questions.