getting into masters in applied statistics after undergrad civil engineering?

2018-06-20 08:45:49

I am a civil engineering graduate (graduated 2018) trying to break into the analytics field. I graduated from a tier 2 college in my country with an average GPA of 3.0/4.0 (7.5/10.0). I am looking for masters in applied statistics since I have always been interested in mathematics but didn't have the opportunity to take it up.

I am taking a year off to improve my skill set as well as re-evaluate my options and I realize that I am not interested in Civil engineering and I don't find it easy to break into this field either without contacts. I have done a project in construction management with AI, optimization techniques, etc. I am good with coding and trying to get certifications for that. But I want to know what skills can make me a strong applicant for a masters in applied statistics with my profile. what should I do?

I am really confused and I will really appreciate any direction I can get.