Practical audiation suggestions related with a specific song

2018-05-16 23:40:12

In order to enhance my very poor audiation I want to begin transcribing songs and so I've started with a supposedly easy one (and I believe it really is), counting the number of voices, the instruments and so on. I've understood very soon that it is not so difficult for me to catch the key and the notes, since I have smattering of intervals and harmony, while what I find very difficult is to understand time signature and the way drums are used.

So, the song is the following

Could you provide me with its time signature, a description of what the drums play, together with some suggestions and (methodological, cognitive) tools to tackle the problem in general.

Psychological note: I'm vaguely afraid that the problems I now see are just the tip of the iceberg and that the more I will become conscious of what I'm doing (and I'm a real beginner, so I have near to zero consciousness) the more difficulties and subtleties I will find. In a sense

  • Your question about the time signature of this song should be easily answered. It sounds very much in 12/8. This means there are 4 basic beats per bar and each beat is divided into 3. As for the drums, they are most noticeably playing on the 1st and 3rd beats of the bar to start with (with quaver or eighth note lead ins) and then in the next section a higher drum plays on beats 2 and 4.

    2018-05-17 01:36:28